In short, I’m a storyteller who creates videos and animations combined with strategic marketing objectives to tell your story.

My Work

Storytelling and Content Creation have gone beyond the linear format. Rayan looks at intuitively creative ways to create, share and expand your story while factoring in key strategic and marketing objectives for your original content.

In order to stand out from the noise It is very important to use the correct visual language language to connect with your target audience, and wrap that in a high production value package.

My Story:

Rayan Ghammachi is a Video and Transmedia storyteller. He is currently based in Beirut, Lebanon where he creates videos and crafts stories for brands, companies and individuals.

Video has always been Rayan’s preferred means of storytelling. He went from writing and hosting award winning youth oriented tv shows in 1998, to diving deep into the post production pipeline. Focusing on animation, visual effects and motion graphics before starting his first post production studio.

Rayan now works independently with local and multinational brands, companies and influencers to craft compelling and entertaining stories, using his technical and creative skill-set that comes from 20 years of creating content for every medium from TV and film to social media.

Partners & Brands